Why Aquabilt

The Aquabilt Pool Treadmill is a revolutionary product, providing you with a whole new way of looking at aerobic exercise.

Unlike land-based treadmills, Aquabilt is powered entirely by the user, therefore, you can expend as much or as little effort desired and still sustain maximum workout benefits. Speed is varied by slowing down to a leisurely stroll or by speeding up to a running or jogging tempo, which provides higher resistance for a serious workout.

As any swimmer knows, exercising in water eliminates excess body heat more efficiently than on land. Much like the comfort of an air-conditioned gym helps you to sustain a longer cardio workout than out on the open road, you will not have to stop jogging on an Aquabilt because your core body temperature simply overheats.

The Aquabilt Pool Treadmill can be used in any in-ground or above-ground pool with a water level up to the mid-chest. It is lightweight, uses no motorized equipment and can stay in the pool year round or store conveniently in a closet. Different from traditional treadmills, the Aquabilt Pool Treadmill is maintenance free due to its robust, motor-less design. It is made from the highest quality materials selected specifically to withstand use outdoors submerged in pool water.

Aquabilt has developed a program for triathletes which provides considerable benefits for other active individuals with very tight time schedules.

Triathlon training has become a part of the lives of nearly 100,000 Americans.  Even amateur triathletes will train from 15 up to 30 hours per week in an effort to maximize their performance in each of the three Triathlon disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running.  Three of the key factors that comprise a successful training program for this type of event are the hours of quality effort invested, the maximum recovery benefit obtained between training sessions, and remaining injury-free.

One alternative course of training which can achieve all three is Cross Training with Aquatic Exercise Equipment.  The use of a high quality, non-motorized Aquatic Treadmill will greatly reduce the amount of time required to produce the same benefit from land-based training.

Very few athletes are able to devote equal training time to each discipline because they are stronger in one or two than the third, and need to devote additional time to that weaker area.  However, doing that takes valuable hours away from another discipline, which can then suffer.  One solution to this is Aquatic Training with specialized equipment.

The following estimates are for a 30-minute workout:

• Land walking: 135 calories
• Deep water walking: 264 calories
• Jogging on land: 240 calories
• Deep water jogging: 340 calories

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Unique Benefits

Low impact and minimal recovery time

The buoyancy obtained training in water greatly reduces stress and impact on joints, bones, and muscles.

Improved strength with natural biomechanics

Training in water produces 12 times more resistance than training in air (on land), the time required to achieve equal benefit is greatly reduced.

More calories burnt in less time

Typically people burn 50% more calories on an aquatic treadmill than traditional treadmills.  Reduction in calorie intake and only 4 hours per week of aquatic exercise, provides the most effective physical activity.

Safe and easy to use for all fitness levels

From a fitness perspective tests have proven that a 4 hour per week regimen on an Aquatic treadmill can result in an annual weight loss of approximately 44 pounds.