Underwater Treadmill

Model A2000

$1,295.00 (FREE SHIPPING*)


Recommended for use by individuals at all fitness levels the Aquabilt Pool Treadmill is the most versatile and light weight pool treadmill we have ever built and can be used in any in-ground or above-ground pool. The Aquabilt Pool Treadmill is made from the highest quality materials. It is robust, motorless and maintenance free. It is uniquely designed for use in a swimming pool and will not rust or deteriorate from heavy use outdoors while submerged in pool water.

Exercising on an Aquabilt allows you to fully exercise ALL of the muscles of the leg; whereas, traditional treadmills simply force you to keep up with a moving surface, which only uses a subset of your muscles. This is why serious runners and triathletes prefer running outside over training on a treadmill. The Aquabilt features RUBBER WHEELS for Really Easy TRANSPORT, IN THE POOL OR ON THE POOL DECK.

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